I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t planned out. It sure wasn’t spontaneous and that might explain the blank look – on the cashier’ face. Smiling and pointing back at the full litter of Barnes and NowayamIgonnafinishthetrademark books behind me (did I lose you?) I act out with a most earnestly contrived tone of sincerity, “I’ve been looking everywhere… And I can’t seem to find any of your EBooks.”

Blank. His face is blank. And time stands still, the way it does, pardon me, the way it seems to do* when an awkward statement throws the center of attention into the nether long enough that parties involve find themselves recollecting themselves.

“It’s a joke,” I offer up with smiling lips and goober eyes, “just not a funny one I guess.”

“Oh yeah. I guess not” replies the man who refuses to¬† let the bookworm controlled, analytical stereotype fade into the mucky mess that is the un-analyzed suchness of now – but, you know, back then.

But – And yet- Alas! the red headed cutie pie near the door laughs and looks me dead in the eyes. Someone thought I was funnehhhh… And of course being the Don Juan that I am, I stroll over to her, and – after my field of vision is encroached by what looks like a Hubby Buddy following a gut feeling to suddenly address his wife about that wandering ginger child entranced by the world’s finest coffee table tomes – ahem – I stroll over to her, and stroll right by her, and walk right out the door into and onto the next mystery.



The Apostle Paul said Blogs don’t have rules.


  1. eboogers . they must make a killing not taking down trees for pulp narratives these days. I feel you have no relation to comic book heroes. Links to references of cat meows , wow this is pretty dang poiint less.

    email. wow. some weird error when i tried to post comment and no name or email.
    then my fonts when to jibberish. all box type

  2. Litter the refuges of the kaliding scope that is the vast underbelly of the digital fiction market. they need more advertising. and maybe singing of songs that penduluum vincent prizes. big munny. giganter. regalos.
    my poster arm

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