Speculations on Love and Hate

Hatred snuffs
No! It is a bridle and incessant finality
No. It is a cut-down – No. An interruption.
It is cold as death, smothering life like a blanket in hell

And Love stretches out towards one horizon and returns o’er the other,
And Love is in the fullness of breath, alpha through omega to omega

It is rightly said that love conquers all
All is held in all.
The contemplation of which warms like love and awe

Hatred can be knowledge and fill pages in a book
Black words on blank white-

Love is in the slow sideways soft rays of sunset light,
Cascading color

Hateful speech is rushed, generous in assumption,  and nullifying
The conversation of love sees a beautiful vibrancy of contrast where hate sees contradiction


  1. man i thought you forgot to pay the web bills.
    could not remember your addresss for the blink of my eyes!

    foreigner – cold as ice

    and that song . do not worry be happy.

  2. those bastards . already maniuplating things have said into a auto matic generic mischief. as if they are the ones having fun. just here.
    anyways. just wanna hint upon more music. mgmt. metronomy. mu symbol. add that -ziq.

    st laurent.

    country joe and the fish – ///
    cybotron – clear
    – industrial lies

    miss kitten – electroclash – 1
    \ 13

    then johnny cash – folsom prison blues (live)

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